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A strategy that is often overlooked, website speed optimization services are crucial to great SEO. Without ensuring that your website loads quickly for visitors, your site will likely lose conversions and revenue. Nearly half of web searchers won’t wait three seconds for a page to load before bouncing to another site.

Discover Our Speed Optimization Service

Our expert team meticulously fine-tunes every aspect of your site to ensure swift navigation and seamless user experiences. Experience the difference in speed and efficiency with our tailored solutions today.

Optimize Images

We employ lossless compression to enhance the efficiency of all your images while preserving their quality. Additionally, any images you upload in the future will be automatically compressed.

Render-Blocking Resources

We strategically relocate JavaScript/CSS files, Font Awesome, and Google Fonts code to ensure they don't hinder the loading speed of visual elements for your site visitors.

Leverage Browser Caching

We've created a regularly updated saved version of your website. Visitors see a faster-loading cached version, saving time. We set up a regularly-updated saved version of your website.

Minify Javascript and CSS

We concentrate all scripts and styles, minify and compress them, add expiring headers, cache your website and move styles to the page head and scripts to the footer.

Enable Compression

We facilitate Gzip compression either directly from your server or from the source of your asset delivery. This results in reduced loading times and a generally faster website experience.

Remove Query Strings

Certain proxy caching servers or CDNs don't cache URLs with a “?”. This could result in slower speeds. Hence, we optimize them to avoid missing out on the opportunity for increased speed.

Combine Requests

We streamline your website's request count by consolidating all CSS and JS files and relocating eligible components to the footer. This optimization can effectively reduce loading times.

Review Server Response Time

Sluggish website performance is frequently linked to inadequate server capabilities. We'll keep a close eye on your hosting provider's resources and suggest improvements if necessary.

Lazy Loading Images

Implementing lazy loading for iframes and images throughout your website reduces loading time and conserves bandwidth. We prioritize avoiding external JS libraries to minimize additional calls.

Inline Critical CSS

Technically, CSS should ideally be declared in the header. Therefore, we inline the critical CSS and defer loading non-essential styles until after the page has rendered.

FAQs About Our Speed Optimization Service?

NovaWebbs’ WordPress speed optimization service follows a systematic approach to enhance the performance of WordPress websites. Initially, the team conducts a thorough analysis of the website’s current speed metrics and identifies areas for improvement. They then implement various optimization techniques such as minimizing CSS and JavaScript files, optimizing images, leveraging browser caching, and fine-tuning server configurations. Additionally, they may recommend switching to faster hosting solutions if necessary.

While our goal is always to achieve loading times of under 1 second, we never make any blanket promises when it comes to loading times of the websites we manage. Anybody who makes promises like this is simply trying to sell you on their services and get you to swipe your credit card sooner rather than later.

This being said, the majority of the websites we manage load in under 2 seconds, which is the recommended loading time to hit according to Google.

Absolutely! We have established partnerships with several hosting providers with whom we have cultivated strong relationships over the years.

We actively manage numerous websites hosted with each of our preferred providers, allowing us to confidently endorse their hosting reliability, exceptional customer support, and dedication to optimizing website speed.

Furthermore, our preferred hosts offer complimentary migration services upon signing up with them.

Our team is eager to recommend the hosting provider that aligns best with your website’s specific requirements, particularly if you prioritize faster loading times. Once you’ve chosen your new hosting provider, we’ll collaborate with both you and them to facilitate a seamless migration process. While their migration team handles the technical execution, we’ll diligently oversee the transition to ensure a smooth transfer with minimal downtime.

We exclusively offer speed optimization services to individuals committed to enhancing and sustaining their website’s performance in the long run.

While a one-time speed optimization can initially boost your website’s loading speed, ongoing changes to your site in the subsequent weeks and months will inevitably lead to decreased speed unless continuous optimization efforts are undertaken.

We collaborate with clients to ensure that their website speed is not just a temporary fix but a lasting investment for the foreseeable future.

Although we advise against opting for a one-time speed optimization, if you choose this route, we recommend downloading our speed optimization eBook and collaborating with a skilled individual, such as a freelancer, to implement the comprehensive optimizations we provide to accelerate websites.

WordPress Speed And Performance Optimization Service

Speed Up Your Slow WordPress Website – WordPress speed and performance optimization service allow you to leverage all components of the best user experience possible. Experts at W3speedup can optimize your WordPress blogs, business sites, & WooCommerce stores that ensure your visitors or customers find you more accessible, valuable, and eventually credible through fast page loading, engaging, and aesthetically rich experience. 

Web Development Service Pricing​

Contact us for any type of website!

Small Site

Landing Page
$ 150
  • theme & plugin optimizations
  • Website/CSS optimization
  • Reduction in http(s) requests
  • Removal of unused code
  • Image size optimization
  • Performance Testing
  • UX & UI optimizations

Big / Business

$ 400
  • theme & plugin optimizations
  • Website/CSS optimization
  • Reduction in http(s) requests
  • Removal of unused code
  • Image size optimization
  • Performance Testing
  • UX & UI optimizations


$ 600
  • theme & plugin optimizations
  • Website/CSS optimization
  • Reduction in http(s) requests
  • Removal of unused code
  • Image size optimization
  • Performance Testing
  • UX & UI optimizations

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